Wrapping Things Up

leed study sessionI am posting this a little late today because I wanted to wait until after I completed a full-blown day of “power jam study sessions” and final studio presentations. Although I am worn out and have a head full of jumbled numbers, standards, and new vocabulary, I feel fairly accomplished about what I have done over the course of the semester. Wrapping up in these final weeks, weight is finally lifting off my shoulders.

Last night, I finished reading the LEED book that is about 2-3″ thick. It was interesting, eye-opening, and inspirational seeing how we can change and improve our built environment while also lessening our impact on the natural world. It’s not that a career in Interior Design did not have a purpose before, but new research and technology continue to impact this discipline and how we respond has drastic influences on society. We, as designers, have a huge responsibility to design for the betterment of humans and the earth. If you don’t know about LEED, it stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and it is a rating system which you can apply for when working on new construction, renovations, or existing building operations. This is really big in the design world, whether you are an architect, engineer, construction manager, interior designer, landscape architect, and even other people effected by the built environment (everyone), such as building owners, tenants, or visitors. Reading through the strategies on how to implement the different components, I was surprised by how many things I could do even at a smaller scale and incorporating things into the way I live each day (and, there is a LEED for homes). LEED encourages an integrated process of design, involving all parties to work together to develop solutions to reduce human impact on the earth as well as create a healthful place for people to work, play, and live.

Anyway, day one of these study sessions did leave me wondering if I could actually pass this test. I know I can if I set my mind to it, it just feels a little overwhelming at this moment in time. But I’m sure once I have a few days to unwind from other stresses that I will be back on track to kick ***!

Today I also had my final presentations for my studio class. I am excited to eventually share my project with you, but because we are required to submit our designs to an international competition, I need to wait until after the submission deadline has passed. At my review, I got good feedback as well as suggestions for improvement – some of which I will consider before submitting my project. However, at this point I am so relieved to have the presentation off my mind, I think I will take advantage of this wonderful feeling for a while!

Have a good weekend!

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