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Yet another weekend in Spokane! Connor got Friday off from work so we headed out Thursday night. It sure makes for a long weekend when you get one extra day. I wish it was a permanent deal! Instead, he starts working 50 hours next week. Poor guy. But we have been working really hard to end the school semester in a good way. Paid off all our loans and saving every extra penny so we can get a new car in a few months. Then, hopefully we can start saving for a house! I thought it would be really hard for me to save money instead of spend it, but because we are working together on our goals and priorities, it has made it much easier, even as a shopaholic.

Every once in a while, though, you have to treat yourself. We usually do that with food (we love going out for pizza), but this time we went to Target and got this super adorable bird house and feeder. I have been really into wood (maybe thank my paper on Scandinavian design?) and heavy textures lately, especially natural fibers. Not to mention, I’m dying to start decorating and designing my own future house, so I’m just craving to get rid of old things I’m tired of and buy new things that I love. A little treat here and there doesn’t hurt, but I have to remember we need a house before we can actually put stuff in it! Trying to stay on track…

Anyway, we had a great weekend spent with all of our family. Connor got some time in with his little brother, and also got back on the ice to skate, which he loved, while I got to play with our adorable nephew. We also had some fun playing with the goldendoodle puppies (still growing and getting bigger) and an entertaining night with a birthday party at Laser Quest. It’s been nice to have time off on the weekends having fun rather than doing homework! Since I’m pretty much done with the majority of my school projects, I can relax on the weekends then start back ready and refreshed during the week. I could get used to this!

Back to the grind tomorrow. I have lots to do – final review for my studio project, LEED testing study sessions, and more. I’m hoping for a week full of wrapping up projects and feeling even more accomplished from getting things done!

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