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graphic inspiration via the urban pig

[via paper crave]

In less than two weeks I have my final review for school – it’s like the last official thing I have to do to graduate! I will be going to the Knoll Showroom in Seattle to present my portfolio to professionals. My portfolio is full of projects that I have completed from the last few years of school, and I have been working hard to finish this semester’s studio project so I can add it in. But the other night when I started, I got really frustrated with the layout and design of my current portfolio (which was originally created last year). I felt like things just didn’t fit anymore. I don’t think it looks bad, but I just feel like I have outgrown it and it no longer speaks to who I am today. I look at images on Pinterest that are full of amazing graphics and identity packages which are inspirational and exciting. I look at my own portfolio and I feel…bored. I feel like part of that is just me, though. Being a design student I feel like I grow fast and get bored quickly – by the time I wrap up one project I am so ready for the next. I wonder if other designers feel the same.

Although I probably don’t have time to do a major overhaul of my portfolio in less than two weeks, I would like to change it up eventually. So today, I have gathered some really graphics and ideas that have inspired me, and I hope they do the same for you!

graphic inspiration via the urban pig

[via agree studio]

The colors and layers of this first example are what really catch my eye. I find it hard to use a lot of color in my portfolio, because as the project changes, I feel like I need a neutral color for something that ties everything together and doesn’t distract or conflict with the colors of the showcased project. Still, this graphic has a whimsical and watercolor-y feel. It reminds me of peaceful sunsets. I also love the white text in a simple font, which feels like it jumps off the pages.

graphic inspiration via the urban pig

[via cargo collective]

There is this thing I have for dots, and this simple polka-dot pattern is simple yet effective for a creative and hand-crafted look. For something clean and crisper, I lean more toward the first image at the top. I love the idea of incorporating patterns in a graphic or package, because even in small quantities, it adds a lot of interest and fun.

graphic inspiration via the urban pig

[via fleaing france]

This is one of my favorite inspirational photos. It combines the natural with the man-made, and it has a clean appearance that is especially refreshing. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest impact. I think that is the main thing I would like to change in my personal portfolio. I think the pages are over-filled and although there is a clear hiearchy of images that are more important, I feel like they could be better with the use of more negative space. Clean and simple!

Want to see more? Check my Pinterest board! Or, if you have a good board to share with inspiration for graphics or design, share it in the comments!

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