Big News: Migrating South

big news - migrating south via the urban pig

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I won’t make you wait any longer! Trust me, I feel like I’ve had a huge secret locked up inside of me that I can’t tell anyone. I’m so excited for this announcement, because I finally have the freedom to talk about it outside of my family. We have made the HUGE decision to move to Arizona. I mentioned a while back that before moving to Pullman, I had lived in a 2-mile radius of Spokane my entire life. We moved a lot, but I could show you every house I ever lived in under ten minutes. Connor and I knew that after I graduated, we would eventually move somewhere other than Spokane, because a career in interior design can only flourish so much in a small town. Besides, we were ready for new scenery and things to do. But Arizona? We had never even considered it! So here’s what happened…

A while back, my parents had began researching places to retire (even though they still have a while until that happens). They looked at Arizona and the idea really began to grow on them. Meanwhile, Connor and I knew they wouldn’t be moving anytime soon, so we started researching places for our future as well. We talked a lot about Portland, and as far as we knew, moving there was our official plan. But there was something missing. I was really bummed about not being closer to my parents. Even though Portland is about a 5-6 hour drive from Spokane, that just seemed really far. Especially considering that when family came to visit, it wouldn’t be very often, and maybe only for a weekend. That broke my heart thinking about not seeing family, especially when I have kids of my own. I always imagined my mom to be seeing my babies all the time. We started to reconsider things. Maybe we should just go back to Spokane. Career-speaking, it wouldn’t be great, but at least we would be near family. There could never be a win-win situation.

Then, out of the blue, I got a text from my mom which read, “what about phoenix?” I was a little confused at first, because as far as I knew, my parents were not able to leave their job for another 7 years. Things were a little dreamy at first, it was an idea that was thrown out there but no one was really sure if that would ever actually happen. But then, things started happening…fast.

If you know my family really well, you would know that when one person starts looking at houses for sale, we usually move within a month. (This also applies to buying cars, but that’s a different story). Well here we are, just over a month later, preparing ourselves for possibly the biggest transition of any of our lives. My mom got an amazing job at Arizona State University, so we spent part of the weekend packing stuff for her to move right away. They are putting their house up for sale and getting everything ready to go. Connor and I aren’t quite there yet, because obviously I have to finish school.

Anyway, this is just the beginning. There is so much to be done and I have been jumping up and down for over a week now! Not even joking. The light at the end of the tunnel is blinding.

Any readers from Arizona?

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