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Today marks the last day of Spring Break and the beginning to a very busy school week. Friday I had decided that I had worked enough on school work, and since I didn’t get to enjoy my break at all, that we needed to get out of the house. I worked my butt off all week getting caught up (and maybe a little bit ahead!) of my work, so 15 minutes before Connor got off work, I decided to call him and ask him if we could make a weekend trip home to Spokane. I have never had to pack so fast or make an attempt at getting ready (because I sat in pajamas all day doing school work). Even though I had a busy week at home, it was refreshing to have a weekend doing anything besides homework.

Connor’s little brother had a hockey tournament which was really fun. Watching younger kids (Connor’s brother just turned 12) play hockey is just as fun as watching the upper leagues. I get such an adrenaline rush for the entire game, and it makes a huge difference when you know the people on the team. Between the hockey tournament and helping my parents begin packing their house (oops! a big hint to the upcoming news), we had a good time.

It’s nice to have these miniature breaks because they make a huge difference in my mental health. Definitely refreshing. I feel like we have only hit the tip of the iceberg on things we need to accomplish. Everytime I look at the countdown on my phone (48 days until graduation) I get a reality check that time is running out. All at once, I know everything is going to come faster than I can handle, and I feel like a lot of preparation is needed in advance so I don’t get overwhelmed. I think I need to make a master list of things I need to get done, with sub-lists for each piece, because I can’t keep up with myself!

Anyone have advice for getting more done in less time?
Have a good week!

UPDATE: Connor’s brother’s hockey team won 17-0 on Saturday and 4-0 on Sunday’s championship game, taking first place for the tournament! We also got to watch him score a goal for our first time (he has scored 3 or 4 already). It was so exciting. Meanwhile, Connor has gotten more interested in playing hockey as well so his dad was nice enough to buy him a great pair of skates to start practicing with. His little brother is excited to teach him a few things!

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