Since Last Sunday

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Last Sunday I talked about the need I had to get organized in order to fit more and more into my schedule. Just thinking about getting busy was a huge motivator, knowing that if I was to work really hard, I could accomplish a ton. Despite the setbacks life sent me, that motivation guided me through the week.

Lots of studying for my two midterms allowed me to breeze through my exams without flinching. It was such a relief to feel so confident and not having the added stress of dreading an upcoming test. However, most of my week was spent stressing about other things, like a problem that arose on my student account stating that I owed $1300.00. Dozens of phone calls, meetings with people in offices all over campus, and 2 1/2 days later, things were figured out. Thankfully, I don’t owe anyone $1300. Working through this set me back on some of my work, but I can’t imagine how behind I would be if I wasn’t ahead in the first place!

I ended the week with some fun, which consisted of the Leadership in Design project I mentioned throughout the week. Unfortunately, the high school students were not able to make it to this first trip, but it still turned out great, and maybe for the better. It gave our group a chance to learn about each other and work together, strengthening the foundation for our project. We were able to see four different buildings, each with a unique and interesting history. The one we chose for our project is the one that is supposedly haunted (seriously creepy stories), but in my opinion has a lot of beauty and potential. Our group is excited to start working, which is really good considering we have a lot to complete in less than two months!

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday. This also means that I have one more week to kick myself into gear and finish completing  a very large to-do list before Spring Break!

I wish you all luck in your own tasks as well!

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  1. thefroglyprince

     /  03/03/2013

    Mine they sent me to a volunteer financial aid councilor. It was pretty funny because they had no idea what to do.

  2. thefroglyprince

     /  03/03/2013

    I remember getting a reply from the bursars office saying I owed $11,000 haha. That was a scary mistake.

    • Yes! It can be very frustrating, especially when they send you back and forth between people just to get you out of their hair. For me, initially no one knew where the charge even came from. I had to go through all of my fees and payments, which I luckily had record of!

      I am glad yours worked out! $11,000 is no joke!


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