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sustainable design via the urban pig

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This week I want to talk a little bit about sustainability, specifically in the field of design. It has proven to be a hot topic over the last few years and consistently growing in popularity. It’s great to see such a healthy and thoughtful environmental concept being implemented all over the United States (and possibly other parts of the world, too). Sustainable design has struck my curiosity since becoming a design student, and this semester it has been implemented into my education and projects in more ways than I had expected.

It started at the beginning of the semester with my studio class, where I found out my project would be working on re-designing a restaurant, as well as developing a brand identity based on the ideas of new food lifestyles (think: vegan, organic, local, etc.). I knew I wanted to connect this trendy food culture with sustainable design, because the naturalism in each topic seemed to mesh really well. So I had started researching LEED and the guidelines I would need to follow to make my design project meet those standards. That’s when the excitement started.

sustainable design via the urban pig

[via soft gardening]

Today I was notified about an amazing opportunity to get my LEED certification training completed by the end of this semester (wow, it’s crunch time) and be prepared to take the exam, which hopefully I will pass and be able to add “Green Associate” to my resume. This is offered as a little side program through my school, which I have thought long and hard about my fears of adding anything else to my to-do list for this semester. I am most definitely going to be strapped for time, and I truly worry about not being able to dedicate the time I need to studying, but I am going to try. So this weekend, I am going to get organized and figure out what I need to do to make the time for something as important as this.

I know there are times of my day that are wasted for silly things, little things that add up and one by one eat up my precious time. That extra 30 minutes in the morning where I lay in bed trying to wake up by scrolling through the fancy new posts on Pinterest? Gone. The Facebook surfing between classes and waiting at the bus? See ya later. Writing new posts on my blog? Just kidding, I’m not giving that up!! All of these other things though, they will have to wait. Instead of walking with my head buried in my phone and social media, I want to work harder to replace the phone with my notecards. I want to get my schedule organized and take it seriously, because indeed, all of those minutes count. I have SO much to do to get myself prepared for graduation, and I have been putting it off, thinking it will all fall into place in time. Well, that time is coming faster than I had imagined, and it’s time for me to take control and get *you-know-what* done.

So, here’s to a rough and tiresome last-half of the semester for me. Happy Midterms!

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