12 Things I Can’t Live Without

If any of you read the magazine Elle Decor, you might be familiar with the article where guests share the 12 things they can’t live without. I started to think about what those things might be for me, and it was harder than I had expected! I realized a lot of things I surround myself with are definitely things I could live without, and I began to realize the difference between items that bring me joy due to their functionality and items that bring me joy due to their beauty. It was a really interesting experiment! So, check out my list!

12 Things I Can't Live Without via The Urban Pig

++Think hard! What are some of the things you can’t live without? I would love to know the things that bring you happiness!
++P.S. This list does not include things like family, that includes my husband :)
++If you love any of these things as much as I do, I posted some links after the break!

1. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate: Any store :)
2. Notepads: Paris Notebook from Pottery Barn
3. Glass Jars: I just bought two giant ones from Walmart for really cheap! I am using one to make a terrarium, and the other to hold laundry soap.
4. Sleepmate Sound Machine
5. Victoria’s Secret Body Demi Bra
6. Tom Ford Eyewear (they are a men’s style, but I like them better than the womens’)
7. Moroccan Oil: Most beauty supply stores should carry this
8. Asus Laptop I got from my parents for my high school graduation, I downloaded the design programs (Adobe Creative Suite – I still use Cs5, AutoCAD 2013, SketchUp free version which works great)
9. Roxy Combat Boots, it doesn’t look like they carry the ones I have anymore.
10. Lotion (I don’t have a particular link to a brand here, sorry!)
11. Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron: I won this straightener in a raffle and have had it for a really long time (the one I have is a really old version. It works pretty good for my curly, untamed hair, but I don’t suggest actually using it to straighten wet hair (maybe the newer ones are different).
12. Pinterest, you can follow me there for more inspiration!

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