Headboard Inspiration & DIY’s

headboard inspiration and diy

[via La Dolce Vita]

I have a little round up of some inspiration and some of the images even have DIY’s at the link if you are interested in building yourself a new headboard!

Living in an apartment, it can be really difficult to do large projects, and unfortunatly for me, there are several of these that I have on my to-do list, just waiting for the time and space to work on them. One of the major projects that I have been considering for quite some time now is to fix up the bed frame that I have had for at least five years. It was actually for a waterbed, but when Connor and I moved in together, we replaced the waterbed with his mattress, which is so much more comfortable. We kept the bedframe for two reasons: 1. He didn’t have a bed frame, 2. It has really awesome storage underneath, three drawers on each side.

The only problem is this – with the waterbed, the mattress is sunk into place below the headboard, and with a regular mattress, the headboard (which has pockets sort of like a bookshelf) is lower than the mattress, creating an awkward hole that your pillows fall into during the night. I have been dreaming of making a really nice upholstered headboard that would be more comfortable for sitting up against while reading, and one which is flat against the wall rather than storage space.

Although this is a project I can’t do right now (but hopefully in the future after we move out and I have access to time and materials to work on it), I still have been thinking of the style and different possibilities for what the future headboard will look like. Additionally, I want to work on more than just the headboard. I would like to sand down the frame and stain or re-paint it. Over the multiple moves from house to house, the currently black-painted wood has been chipped and scratched. It needs a facelift. So I have also thought about upholstering the main frame which holds the mattress in place. But that’s for another day.

Anyway, here are a few pictures of some styles I really like, and some of them even have tutorials on how to make them, which I have linked for you as well. I am jealous of anyone who actually gets to build one right away!

headboard inspiration and tutorials

[image and diy tutorial via Sarah Dorsey Designs]

headboard inspiration and diy tutorials

[image via HGTV, diy project #1, diy project #2]

headboard inspiration and diy tutorials

[via Who Is Jon Peters]

headboard inspiration and diy tutorials

[via Gary Riggs Home]

If anyone has more inspiration or knows of other tutorials, send the link my way!

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