Natural Hues via The Dye Lab

Dye Lab via The Urban Pig

There is something to be said about the human curiosity and fascination with nature. Authenticity is attractive. This psychological response to what is real (rather than synthetic) is what inspired me after browsing Shaw Contract Group’s 2012 issue of “Design Is…”

It reminded me of my childhood days adding food coloring to water and watching the swirling liquids separate and then slowly blend together. It also reminds me of more recent times when Connor orders coffee at a restaurant and he pours milk into the clear cup. I watch with wide eyes how the creamy white milk harmonizes with the rich dark brown and together they create a lighter camel color. These are two experiences that bring me joy in watching nature take its course. I can’t imagine the delight during Shaw Contact Group’s dye lab experiments, creating the wide range of organic colors they developed by surprise when using different materials and pigments.

Dye Lab via The Urban Pig

Dye Lab via The Urban Pig

Dye Lab via The Urban Pig

Their pictures inspire me – I can only dream of what their actual labs looked like. There is something about having these “authentic hues” in our homes. My favorite colors from the photo above are the golden-browns, the orange-yellows. They provide a more soothing environment, similar to the natural world. It’s inspiration like this that makes me wish for a home more influenced by warm, natural elements!

Which colors are your favorite?

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