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Truth is, I am lacking in ideas today. Sometimes it feels like my life is just plain and simple and there is not a whole lot that people would be interested in hearing about. Truth is – my life IS pretty ordinary, and this week, I did ordinary things, like homework, school, cleaning mold out from our apartment, made dinner, visited family in Spokane, watched tv, did some craft projects, etc, etc, etc. And even though I am okay with doing plain and simple things with people I love, sometimes it bums me out to be lacking inspiration and needing a change of pace. It’s especially difficult when I have a constant countdown in my head of when I will be done with school and getting ready to have HUGE changes in life. It makes me so excited for those events to come, but less excited for the everyday ordinary right now. People always say to live in the present and not always wishing for things to come, because you will just wish your life away. But sometimes, it’s hard to hold back on the wishing and dreaming.

Well, my friends, the light at the end of the tunnel (graduation) is getting bigger and brighter, and it feels like life is indeed speeding up faster than I can plan for. Not too long ago, I thought I had it all figured out about what I was going to do after school and I thought I had all the time in the world to prepare for what was coming. But the fact is, I have a whole lot more to do than I have time for, so it’s time to “get crackin” and buckle up for the ride to come.

P.S. “Since Last Sunday” posts are changing – I feel like it is a better fit for them to be an overall reflection of the week as life moves me forward. Photography in the simplest form may not be my forte, so there are only a few that I ever like out of the pictures I take throughout the week. Of course, you can still follow me on instagram to see everything from the week, but they will no longer be posted in mass amounts. I hope you enjoy the changes!

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