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This week has been back to the grind on the continued school schedule. So much homework and so little time for things I would rather be doing! I love my walks back home from school, because on my schedule, it seems like I am always catching the most beautiful landscapes and light. The snow was also melting and it just made me think about how the earth is sort of shedding its frozen skin, and I feel like awkwardly comparing myself to that, with all the changes happening in my life, I feel like I’m shedding old layers of myself and replacing them with new growth — much better things.

Melting Snow | The Urban Pig

On this same note, I believe my heart has been tested this week, with people testing the waters of how much I can take. It seems odd to me to think about human intentions sometimes, why people do the things they do, specifically inflicting hurt to others on purpose. During these times, I realize how much my confidence has grown since high school, and how if you just hold on to this and surround yourself with your own love, other people can’t harm you. Things don’t affect you the same way. In fact, I really just begin to realize how lucky I am to have what I do – confidence to get me through the day, and a family to come home to who will listen and love me for who I am. With all the other evils in the world, home is where you are safe.

Lambchops | The Urban Pig

Anyway, I love the weekend because it brings me back down to earth and keeps me sane because of the refreshing time I have with Connor. I am pretty excited because Friday I was treated to a trip to the craft store by my dear husband where I got to stock up on supplies that I have needed to get a few projects done. With these, I am hoping to post a few DIY projects in the coming weeks! We will see what happens, but I would really like to expand the DIY section of this blog!

By the way, the picture above is of Connor and my dearest “Lambchops.” Do any of you remember that show? Well, this hilarious story of my childhood made me insist that we must buy this stuffed animal after finding it at the store. Up until recently (as in, one year recently), I had always believed that I went to daycare with Lambchops in the little backyard in this wonderful, happy world. And then, one day as I was explaining to my mom some childhood memory, she was very confused until I told her about daycare with Lambchops. Turns out, Lambchops is fictional. Didn’t know that. I am 21 years old and I just learned that my childhood memories with Lambchops was all in my head, or err, the TV. I guess I spent my daycare years plopped in front of the television. But hey, at least it was a great time. Soo, we got the stuffed animal. And it’s the only scrap of memory I have left of my dear Lambchops. Connor loves Lambchops too.

Peppermint Candy | The Urban Pig

Ok, so totally getting distracted there. Back to the week: yesterday (Saturday), my parents came to visit for the day and we had a nice time nature-hunting. WSU is a very agricultural/animal-based school so we are lucky enough to have cool things to see, like the bear research center, where you can get within 5 feet from a giant bear’s face (behind gates of course), which is my dad’s favorite. Well, we also found something new this time. A whole farm of rams with giant curly-q horns! They were so fun to watch, but we couldn’t get very close to them because of restricted-access roads, so we drove across the highway and parked in an rv-storage lot, pulled out the binoculars (which my nature-loving father keeps in the trunk of the car) and got amazing views of the rams, including little babies that were literally hopping and chasing each other and frolicking FAST! Definitely a highlight. I wish I could have taken pictures, but they were too far away for my baby camera. We ended the day with some pizza and a movie. How I wish we had a bigger apartment so our families can stay longer than a day!

Hold on to those you love! Have a good week, xoxo

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