Piece by Piece

I can finally tell people to hang on to their tile floors and backsplashes because it has come back in style in more ways than just glass mosaic. I will admit, though, I am still pretty picky when it comes to tile design and where I find it to gracefully belong. Let me share some of my favorite ideas and tile inspiration!

Urban Pig via moontomoon

[via Moon to Moon]

The Urban Pig via theyardpdx

[via The Yard]

First off, I have all sorts of appreciation for big and small patterns, unique shapes and colors. I definitely would say there is a place for them, as well. I love the rustic, old-world and cultural roots feel the tile in the above image displays.

via houzz

[via Houzz]

One trend I have seen quite often is a tile sort-of “backsplash” on your stairs. This seems to be a fun way of adding unexpected color and pattern to your home. If you want a less permanent solution, various wallpaper patterns could potentially work as well!

Urban Pig via inspiration station

[via Inspiration Station]

This could be my favorite – probably because it is used in a more commercial setting, but I do like from further away it looks less busy, like one large simple pattern, and close-up there is more visual interest. I also love the soft shade of blue in harmony with the wood wainscot.

When looking for tile, I ran across some really great websites and product manufacturers, both big and small. I found SO many amazing tiles with more patterns and colors I could ever dream of! If you are looking for tile, you are in luck – no matter what your style, I am sure you will have no problem finding the perfect piece(s) for you!

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