A Designer to be Inspired By

Stine Langvad

I don’t even remember how I stumbled across Stine Langvad’s website, but when I did I was very impressed by the simplicity of the spaces and the calming feelings and serenity they provided me with. Stine Langvad appears to dabble in many different disciplines, including graphic design and illustration. She is a person of many talents. Of course, for me, being an interior design student, I couldn’t stop looking at the interior photos.

Stine Langvad

Stine Langvad

Stine Langvad

Stine Langvad

Stine Langvad

Stine Langvad

I loved finding these images (all from Stine Langvad’s website) as I will soon be starting to write a paper on Scandinavian design. I love inspiration like this to keep me motivated and passionate in school! Please visit her page for more beautiful work.

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  1. Apparently I was so in love with these images and after writing this post last night before bed, I had dreams of looking for colored electrical cords and extension cords. In the last image, if you look closely, the pendant lamp appears to be hung by a red cord. Does anyone know where to find cords in colors or if it is okay to paint electrical cords? If so, is there a certain paint or process to use?

    I would appreciate your answers!

  2. I totally want to do our stairway like the one shown. I love the lines in the design!

    • Yes the simplicity of it all is really what makes it work. I think it would look good in a straight staircase like yours as well. Also, the fact that they are thin strips makes it look more updated than if they were wider planks. But don’t put too much work into your house because you are going to be moving in a few years :)


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