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I apologize for this being posted a little later today, but this weekend has been full of exciting events that have kept me busy! Connor’s little brother plays on a hockey team (in the white uniforms) and their tournament was this weekend in a city right next to Pullman (where we live). It was great to see family again and get a little competitive juice running through our veins! Best of all, they won 1st place in the tournament!

Instagram | The Urban Pig

Instagram | The Urban Pig

The team played one game Friday evening, three games Saturday, and one game today. Saturday night, after the last game, we went back to the hotel for pizza and the boys got to go swimming. I guess they talked about how badly they wanted to win 1st place, and I am so excited they did! When the game ended, they cheered and threw their sticks and gloves out on the ice and made a giant dog pile – they were so happy. They actually played the same team for their last game on Saturday and lost 3-2, so it was up in the air who would win today. Final score for their winning game was 3-1.

Instagram | The Urban Pig

I also got some pictures from our drive from Spokane back home to Pullman from last Monday. When we left, there was no snow, so it was a bit of a surprise to come back to!

Instagram | The Urban Pig

Instagram | The Urban Pig

I hope everyone has a great week! As for me, I am relaxing and enjoying my last day of Winter Break! School starts tomorrow, as well as the countdown to graduation on May 4. (116 days, including weekends!) Then, off to Italy I go!

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