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Friday was the first official day of winter! Some of my favorite winter memories are definitely playing in the snow. There is nothing better as a kid than playing and being so tired that you just lay down in the snow, stay quiet, and listen to the tiny sounds of crisp snow falling from the sky. Do you know the sound I am talking of? Just the slightest crinkling sound of snow moving on the tree branches above your head. It is so peaceful. Especially when you look up and all you see is white – snow covered trees, a grey sky, and inches of white snow under your feet. I love it!

Beautiful Palouse Rolling Hills

Watched Monsters, Inc. and cozied up by the fire

Watched Monsters, Inc. and cozied up by the fire

Did some serious organizing of old school notes!

I finally finished my Christmas shopping and it’s been a nice week of cleaning, organizing, and getting stuff done! I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday break!

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