Cozy Up By The Firewood

As long as the world doesn’t end today (haha), tomorrow we are officially on vacation! Well, technically, I have been on break from school this whole week, but now Connnor is on a break from work too. We are making the best of a bittersweet situation and taking a vacation to Spokane to visit our families and then a pre-new year’s weekend trip to Seattle for my cousin’s wedding reception and some fun time with my grandma! I am so excited to see everyone, and especially excited to stay at my parent’s house and have some cuddle time by their cozy fire.

My parents have talked about doing some kind of built-in around their fireplace, and one thing I have seen a lot of lately is a built-in place for firewood.

Firewood | The Urban Pig[via the Ranch at Live Oak Malibu]

Firewood | The Urban Pig[via Stine Langvad Interior Design]

Firewood | The Urban Pig[via A Well Traveled Woman]

Firewood | The Urban Pig[via The White Company - Savoy Bed Linen Collection]

I absolutely love this look and the warmth and texture it brings to a space. But it has left me thinking – what about bugs? Does it cause a problem with a hideout for insects? Is there preparation for the wood that needs to be done, like cleaning every piece? I obviously love the look, and I think it would be really nice to have wood stored right next to the fireplace, but for me, bugs are kind of a big deal.

What do you think?

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  1. Let’s do it! But we have to start the project when dad isn’t home. That’s how all of our home improvement projects kickoff :). Remember when we tore the nasty carpet out of the bathroom at our last house while he was gone???? I wonder if we can “accidentally” throw a baseball to make a hole in the wall or something to start construction of a builtin. We could say the top of the axe flew off and put a hole in the wall. Accidents happen you know…….

    • I forgot about that! No wonder no home improvement projects have happened lately, I’m not around to start them! Haha. I need a project :( still want to do the guest room?


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