1st European Adventure

1st European Adventure | The Urban Pig[Unknown Source]

A few months back my parents surprised me with the best gift ever. They took me out for lunch and explained how they wanted to tell me what my college graduation present would be. They wanted me to take part in the decision. Little did I know what that meant at the time. Then, they told me I could choose anywhere in the world to travel to with my mom! It would take place right after I graduate in May. After much consideration, I decided that this possibly once in a lifetime opportunity would take place in Italy. And, as a little bonus, we decided that a sidetrip to France would work out as well!

My mom and I have started doing research, including using Rick Steve’s travel book on Italy. We have made a preliminary plan where we will go to the following cities:

2 days in Rome/Sorrento
3 days in Florence
2 days in Venice
2 days in Paris

1st European Adventure | The Urban Pig[By Samara Andrews]

We will be busy planning more details over winter break in a few weeks. So, I was hoping for some feedback! We do want to spend some time visiting sites, but only the most important ones, as we would also like plenty of time to wander and enjoy the cultural experience. If you have been to any of these places, what were your favorite things to see and do? What did you like most about the overall experience? Where did you stay? What did you eat? How did you move from one city to the next? Do you have other tips? ANY suggestions would be very appreciated!

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  1. I don’t have any experience, I am in the same boat as you! Working on a plan for after I graduate… but I think Rick Steve’s is an awesome resource. If you like travel Channel shows, the layover gives you great food places at many locations and No Reservations does a good job of looking at culture, customs, and food. But good luck! If I think of anything else I’ll let you know!

    • Thanks for the feedback! I will look into those sources. You said you are also planning a trip after you graduate, do you have any ideas of where you might go?

      • well as of right now I’m trying to do a big scale month+ long trip and see as much as I can. I have a friend in Hungary and a former teacher in Malta… so those are both on my list. I for sure want to go to the UK and Ireland. Paris, of course. All over italy… and I’d like to go to greece as well. I’m hoping to fit in as much as possible! But I haven’t started planning the specifics yet


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