DIY Acorn Wreath

DIY Acorn Wreath | The Urban Pig

This is the first year Connor and I have our own place, and although we don’t have room to store a lot of holiday decorations, we still want a little festivity around. While taking a walk the other day, we found dozens of acorns and thought they would be perfect for an inexpensive DIY  Autumn wreath. Connor was really excited to do his part of the project by collecting handfuls of acorns that were just right.

I started by placing the acorns in a circle to try different arrangements and see what looked best. Let the acorns roll the way they naturally decide to go. Make sure that you do this on a surface that you wouldn’t mind getting glue on. I found the easiest way to glue the pieces together is leaving them where they are and drizzling the glue on the spots where two acorns touch. For me, the glue dripped fairly fast so try to push the acorns together quickly so they will stick together better. I also glued the wreath together in quarter sections to prevent the acorns from pulling apart and moving too much. After you are done, carefully push the quarters together and finish gluing them together. This glue takes quite a while to dry, and stays very liquidy, so try not to move or wiggle the acorns or surface. When I do my projects in the evening, I usually let the glue dry overnight so I don’t wait around anticipating.

I promise being patient is worth it — this glue holds together large pieces of stone like granite or marble onto material boards that I use for my school design projects. It is STRONG! And sort of my secret weapon :) Seriously, I have let my family borrow it for gluing car parts and the sole of shoes back on, and many other random uses that need something durable.

Anyways, after the glue is dry, try picking up the wreath and make sure everything stays. Mine felt a little weak, so I flipped it over to glue some reinforcements on the back. I had some scrap fabric so I cut it into pieces and glued them to the back of the acorns. Next, decide how you will hang the wreath. It could be as simple as hanging it from a nail. I wanted to hang it from a bit of twine, so I cut about 26″ when taut. I took the middle of the twine and tied it into a bow and let the ends hang down.

Determine how far you want the wreath to hang from the bow (I did about 1-1/2″). Glue the ends of the twine to the backside of the wreath on the fabric. I had to use tape to temporarily keep it in place while it dried.

Your turn! I would love to see pictures if anyone decides to try this, especially if you use additional objects!

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