101 in 1001


From November 2012-August 2015

The idea of 101 in 1001 that I was inspired by came from the Design Darling blog. I have seen it reworked in all sorts of forms and themes, and I think it is a great idea! Of course I am a list-maker, and although I am not necessarily a task master, I am working on it. I sometimes find myself overwhelmed by the amount of things I need to accomplish for school, but I think it is important for me to start making time to do other things, and sometimes it’s the little things that count the most and allow me to experience my life outside of my education. So, here is my list:

1. Go on a real train ride.
2. Be able to explain what design is, to me.
3. Say please and thank you the next 50 times I should.
4. Organize my iTunes AND iPod.
5. Find 5 new blogs to read and love.
6. Try a new restaurant.
7. Go to a palm reader, again.
8. Try every recipe in one of my cookbooks.
9. Go to a play or comedy show or musical.
10. Go to a concert.
11. Read 3 new books.
12. Find my “signature scent.”
13. Find a lipstick in the perfect shade for me.
14. Go on a nice drive and have a picnic.
15. Start and finish an entire tv series.
16. Start sketching and use up all that extra paper in the closet!
17. Go on a camping trip with my family to Yellowstone National Park.
18. Start and finish 5 new DIY projects.
19. Make a New Years’ resolution.
20. Get an apartment in Portland, Oregon.
21. Find the perfect job in Portland, Oregon.
22. Decide if living in Portland is right for me.
23. If so (#22), go house hunting.
24. If not (#23), decide where to move next.
25. Work on a plan for my future business.
26. Rework my resume and portfolio.
27. Invest in business cards.
28. Stay the night in a cabin somewhere in the snowy mountains.
29. Learn how to play one song on the guitar.
30.Wear out two pairs of shoes and get rid of them!
31. Use up all my lotion.
32. Use up all the other extra beauty products I have, too.
33. Work with my aunt to gather genealogy information.
34. Interview family members for genealogy information.
35. Get Connor’s genealogy information.
36. Compile our own genealogy book.
37. Organize my office by (a) using extra supplies (b) getting rid of things I don’t need.
38. Dye my hair.
39. Grow out my bangs to the length of the rest of my hair.
40. If I don’t like my bangs (#39), cut them.
41. Use up 3 bottles of nail polish. Throw away 1 bottle that I don’t like. Buy 1 new bottle.
42. Learn how to ice skate and go around the rink once without falling.
43. Learn 5 Italian phrases that will help me in Italy.
44. Visit 3 places in Italy that I learned about in school, tell my mom the history of them.
45. Do at least 5 sketches in Italy.
46. Sample two flavors of gelato that I normally would not try.
47. Take at least 10 pictures of my mom and I in Italy.
48. Buy a bunch of random souvenirs in Italy.
49. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea.
50. Plan a small but fun 1st anniversary for Connor and I.
51. Graduate from college with my Bachelors degree in Interior Design.
52. After I graduate, take a day to pamper myself (manicures, pedicures, whatever)!
53. Prepare a fancy candle-lit dinner for Connor.
54. Create a fun music playlist and go on a small road trip to somewhere random.
55. Design my own stationary kit.
56. Go bowling.
57. Go to the casino for the first time and gamble at least $5.
58. Learn the basics of speaking Spanish.
59. Buy a new car.
60. Save at least $3500 toward a down payment for a house.
61. Sell my wedding dress.
62. Finish the scrapbook I started for our wedding and honeymoon pictures.
63. Take my parents to get Ferdinand’s ice cream (the most amazing stuff, ever).
64. Go on a date to the movie theatre.
65. Fix or buy a new bed frame.
66. Make an upholstered headboard.
67. Go to the fair.
68. Go sledding.
69. Go to a flea market.
70. Sew or buy euro pillow cases.
71. Crochet something with the help of my grandma.
72. Sketch a portrait of Connor.
73. Sketch a self-portrait.
74. Do a water color painting.
75. Buy a new chick flick.
76. Help someone redecorate at least one room in their house.
77. Have a guest post on my blog.
78. Learn how to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving.
79. Get my eyebrows shaped by a professional.
80. Learn 3 new workouts for toning my arms.
81. Stretch 3x’s a week for a month to get in the habit.
82. Volunteer for something.
83. Plan a 2nd anniversary trip for Connor and I.
84. Plan a 3rd anniversary trip for Connor and I.
85. Find a good website to store and share digital photographs.
86. Take all my baby pictures and make digital copies.
87. Participate in Bloomsday or some sort of fund run.
88. Go horseback riding on a trail.
89. Find the perfect recipe for Pumpkin Pie for Connor.
90. Make and decorate cupcakes for a special event.
91. Take a business/entrepreneur class at my school.
92. Buy a new pair of (not-real) diamond earrings.
93. Get rid of 5 things that I never wear and donate them.
94. Learn how to fold towels perfectly.
95. Run outside in the pouring rain.
96. Make a snowman.
97. Take a taxi somewhere.
98. Learn how to make one of those warm cookies in a pan.
99. Make some kind of pottery.
100. Learn how to upholster furniture.
101. Go stargazing.

I am so OCD it is ridiculous! But I will occassionally re-post this with updates on items I have completed! I encourage you all to write your own 101 in 1001 lists, whether it consists of mini-goals or just random things you have wanted to do for a while. Let me know what some of your favorite items on your lists are!

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  1. Sounds like our Italy trip is going to be busy, but relaxing. Can’t wait to check off a few on this list. I’m SOOOOOOOO excited!


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