Back on Track

One of the best parts about newlywed life, in my opinion, is being together all the time. Since moving to Pullman, Connor got a full-time job with a steady schedule. He works 7:30-4:30, which is fairly in sync with my school schedule. He usually picks me up from school at 5 and then we have the whole evening to spend together. Weekends too! It is soo much better than his last job where he had such a random schedule, and mostly worked evenings, giving us only 1 or 2 nights a week to have time together. Here’s the catch, though:

Since he wakes up pretty early, he likes to go to bed early. Me, on the other hand, am a night owl! Back in high school, it was not uncommon for me to stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning. It was my personal time that I could do whatever I wanted uninterrupted – read, write, create, paint, listen to music, anything I felt like doing. Even my first year of college I would do this, maybe not staying up as late, but still. Now, being married and living with Connor, I am on his sleep schedule. I don’t like going to sleep at different times, which means I go to bed early, but really I just wiggle around until I fall asleep. I totally need to get on a schedule and become a morning person!

Well, now is my chance. This week I am registering for for the classes that I will take for my last semester of college! It is so weird to think about it being my last time going through this process. If I wasn’t busy enough already, you won’t believe how busy I will be in just a few months. A total of 7 classes! I have never taken this many, but I am really excited because I get to take a few classes outside of the design program that will give a good variety to my day. So, it’s time to use those list-making skills I have to get organized and back on track!

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  1. Morning person? What’s that? Is there really such a thing? My mom once told me that Carol Burnett once said she wasn’t a morning person so to become a happier person she would get up, look in the mirror and smile at herself until it made her laugh or smile. That wouldn’t take long for me to laugh once I see my morning hair. I must say, I sure miss your crazy hair mornings : )

    • Well, I am really good at making funny faces, so that could work for me! The earliest I get up so far is 7:00 on certain school days. The days I don’t have morning classes, the latest I get up is at 9:00. So I am getting better! A little at a time. Maybe by the time I graduate, I will finally be on a “big girl” schedule and can deal with a normal work schedule.


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